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Quilt description

Our silk comforters are small soft quilts with a highly decorative effect. Our comforters are completely handmade in Italy by our expert seamstresses; they are unique pieces that can be used both on the bed and on the couch, to rest with the warmth of the highest quality down.

Silk comforters are handmade with a particular three sheets square structure. A decorative fabric of Shantung silk is sewn together with two lengths of cloth 100% strong cotton for the bottom and the internal parts of the comforter. The filling is done by hand with a soft, light grey or white down.

Our silk comforters are available in the elegant plain colour version or in the innovative printed version. Thanks to a close cooperation with Stamperia Bertozzi print house you can customize your comforter with beautiful handmade prints according to the ancient Romagna printing technique.

Ask a quotation for your quilt

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Customize your quilt


All our quilts can be realized with standard size or made to measure,  becoming a unique and original product completely customized.

Standard measures (Width x Length):

  • Single size bed: 180 x 260 cm / 180 x 220 cm + 40 cm of optional foldable bottom
  • Twin size bed: 220 x 260 cm / 220 x 220 cm + 40 cm of optional foldable bottom
  • King size bed: 270 x 260 cm / 270 x 220 cm + 40 cm of optional fold foldable bottom



Besides the size, it is possible to choose the type of structure which you prefer:

  • Rectangular, flat border, no foldable bottom
  • Rounded angles with padded border
  • Rectangular, padded border, foldable bottom
  • Rounded angles and flat border
  • Rounded angles with padded border

Specify in your request the size and the structure you prefer.

*The number and the size of the squares depends on the measures and on the padding thickness of the duvet.

Structures available 

F.Fabris-trapunta-rettangolare-bordo-piattoSlide thumbnail

Rettangolare bordo piatto senza rimbocco

F.Fabris-trapunta-rettangolare-bordo-piatto-rimboccoSlide thumbnail

Rettangolare con bordo imbottito e rimbocco

F.Fabris-trapunta-rettangolare-bordo-imbottito-rimboccoSlide thumbnail

Rettangolare bordo imbottito e rimbocco

F.Fabris-trapunta-stondata-bordo-piattoSlide thumbnail

Angoli arrotondati con bordo piatto

F.Fabris-trapunta-stondata-bordo-imbottitoSlide thumbnail

Angoli arrotondati con bordo imbottito

The padding of all our quilts is crafted by hand. We weigh the padding as to ensure a uniform level of heat.

It is possible to customize the warmth level depending on your comfort habits and on the house temperature.

ideal during the seasons change

for autumn or very warmed up environments

Winter Warm:
for winter or normally warmed up spaces.

Winter very warm:
for particularly cold weather or rooms that are only slightly heated.


Write the ideal conditions for your good sleep and the type of your home environment, we will suggest the most suitable warmth level.

The quilts in silk fabric are available in three different colors:

  • Blue
  • Glacé
  • Olive
  • Ivory
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Gold

Specify in your request the color you prefer or request more detail.

Colori disponibili

seta-azzurroSlide thumbnail


seta-oroSlide thumbnail


seta-glaceSlide thumbnail


seta-olivaSlide thumbnail


seta-avorioSlide thumbnail


seta-grigioSlide thumbnail


seta-rossoSlide thumbnail


The decorative silk fabric can be customized with beautiful printing handmade by Bertozzi Print House, which creates its printing following to the old Romagna art and technique.

You can choose from the following printings:

  • Fagiolo Magicofairy-tail symbol, it lends to the fabric a delicate and sinuous detail
  • Acanto: symbol used since the ancient Greece to decorate the most important architecture and clothing, it lends to the fabric a strong authenticity
  • Rosa Caninaused in phytotherapy to give back energy, it adds value to the fabric and lends a harmonic floral note

Write in you request if you want to decorate your quilt with a print and specify which one you prefer, if you want we can help you to choose the most suitable to your home environment.

*The position of the print and the number of the squares are approximate. Every print is crafted by hand, for this reason it is a unique item.


Available prints 

F.Fabris-trapunta-rettangolare-bordo-piatto-stampa-fagiolo-magico-bertozziSlide thumbnail

Fagiolo Magico

F.Fabris-Trapunta-stampa-acanto-bertozziSlide thumbnail


F.Fabris-trapunta-stampa-rosa-selvaggia-bertozziSlide thumbnail

Rosa Canina

How to buy online

How to buy

Send us your request using the online form or calling us. Describe the type of product you would like to buy and your needs. We will reply you as soon as possible providing all the advices and information you need to choose and customize a unique product.


Once you have chosen your product and the features to customize it, send us an order confirmation by e-mail at We will let you know the production times and we will keep you informed until the shipping moment.

Payment methods

You can buy our bedding products through our website, paying by anticipated bank transfer. If you prefer to collect your products in person, you can pay for your order by cash, debit card or credit card directly in our workshop in Chirignago Venezia.


Once your creation is ready for dispatch, we will ship it at the agreed address through our trusted express courier. Delivery is included in the order price and it is guaranteed in the main Italian cities within 20 days from the order confirmation.

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