Artisanal manufacturing

The realization of our products is still made in a traditional way, by the expert hands of professional seamstresses in our historical headquarter in Chirignago (Venice – Italy). Thanks this tailoring approach, we can offer the possibility to customize every detail of our creations, thus obtaining unique and tailor-made bedding sets.

From our own experience and the direct contact with our customers, in fact, we take care of our customers listening to them and guiding them in the creation of a product which is able to guarantee the highest sleeping comfort while enhancing the beauty of their homes, responding to their own tastes and personal habits.

Raw materials selection

We realize Duvets, Quilts and Comforters, Pillows and Bed Linen selecting superior quality raw materials, always choosing the finest fabrics for and the best goose down to fill our duvets. Each one of our suppliers is chosen not only for the quality of its products, but for its respect of regulations and certifications related to natural feathers, the protection of its employees, the business ethics and the real Made in Italy production.

Why choosing goose down filling

The down (or fine feathers) is the most noble, light and fluffy part of the waterfowl feathers, which forms the innermost protective layer, consisting of “flakes” of silky filaments covered with soft hairs.

The down covers the body of the birds, every small feather has a central quill from which the symmetrical side fringes start to form an arch. Birds equipped with this type of plumage are able to move through extreme climates and withstand thermal excursions ranging from -20 ° C to +40 ° C. Precisely, for this function that takes place in nature, the down is a material used by man since the ancient times.

The down is different from any other type of synthetic insulation because of its outstanding features:

1. Lightweight: only a down filling is able to provide an incomparable feeling of weightlessness on the body, with absolute comfort and freedom of movement, not only in the lighter weights, but also in the winter editions.

2. Insulation, the ability to retain the body heat acting as a thermal insulator, thanks to the countless air cells formed by the peculiar tufts structure. The down duvets allow to maintain a constant temperature, wrapping the body with the warmth of a soft hug, protecting from the outside.

3. Hygroscopicity, the ability to allow perspiration. Down and feathers, as natural materials, are able to absorb moisture naturally produced by the body during sleep, to then pass it quickly to the exterior. This guarantees a rest with a dry heat, comfortable during every season.

4. Flexibility, the ability of down and plumules to recover the original volume after compression, providing resistance and durability at the same time.

5. 100% natural and therefore completely recyclable and biodegradable.

The handmade production of Duvets, Quilts, Comforters and Bed Linen

We create our Duvets, Quilts and Comforters following the artisanal technique of stitches through closed square structure. This ensures a homogeneous distribution of the down along the surface of the product, thus ensuring a uniform heat along the body and a warm and continuous rest during in the nighttime. The technique also prevents the leak of feathers and then allows to maintain the padding beautiful, soft and consistent through the years.

Cutting, positioning, tacking of fabrics and stuffing are completely handmade. This allows our products to be customized in many ways and it guarantees an extreme attention to detail.

Which features of F. Fabris products can I customize?

The fabric: starting from a wide and constantly updated selection of the highest quality fabrics, you can choose from fabrics in 100% Cotton, Satin, Natural Creased or Smooth Linen, Fine Silk. The fabrics are also available in a wide range of colors, like solid colors, sophisticated Jacquard or particular patterns and prints.

Size: all our products can be customized to the centimeter, adapting them to every room, bedroom and style preference.

The type of stitching: you can choose among many types of stitching. Duvets with a customized size of squares, quilts or comforters with flat edges, with or without tuck, duvet-covers with an open bottom or with comfortable straps, are just some examples.

Warmth rating: thinking about the temperature of the bedroom and the resting habits, it is possible to customize the warmth level of the down filling, made of soft white or gray fine feathers. By varying the weight and type of plumage, it is possible to make very warm quilts for frigid climates and very cold houses or, on the contrary, lightweight duvets to be used even during the warmer seasons.

Decorative prints: thanks to our close collaboration with Stamperia Bertozzi print house, you can request us your own unique quilt, comforter or duvet cover choosing your favorite the decorative pattern. All the prints are completely handmade, according to the ancient Italian tradition.

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